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Taiyou No Ie Chapter 24 Part 2
xinyi_shana_15 wrote in shoujo_manga_t

Hiro Mao Daiki Oda Chii Others Thoughts

Page 10
Although, you can say it's wilfulness or unforgivable, but parting with Hiro makes me lonely.
Mao went back to her house a while ago.
Although it's sudden that she wants to live by herself, at least she says that she wants to go back to her home.

Page 11
........... I see----
Although she wants to go back, it seems that it can only be done slowly.
Oh really?
But isn't it a good thing for Mao?
What? Wanting to go home? That girl.
Is it the reason why Mao is acting weird?

........ Erm----

Page 12
It was actually not the case.
Then is it because you did something towards Mao?
I didn't do anything.

What's with that attitude?! (Both Hiro and Daiki)

Page 13

You are so tall!

You only though of that?! My height didn't change overnight.
It's not bad having tall people like Daiki in our school.
Oh really.
You will be popular at the first part.
First part only?!

Page 14
It's because Daiki is unfriendly.
I don't want to be told that by Mao.
Oh? What's happening?
They are shining...! Is it because they're still young?! They look like high school sweethearts..!!

You look good in suits, huh.
I can only feel that you are mocking me!!

Page 15
Okay. Sit down--  (Teacher?)

Why is this happening--?!
Motomiya-san and Nakamura-san are friends right?
Please help him in the places that he does not know.

Page 16

I didn't think that you will be in the same class!!
Oda won't be able to escape! Even Chii is in danger!!

Why are you saying your thoughts out?
I requested to be in the same class.

Huh!! Why did you do that?!
Isn't is best in every aspect?
Oh, I see.
Motomiya, do you know this person?


Page 17
I am Oda. I am in the same class as Motomiya since Year 1. If you are not clear with anything, feel free to ask me.
..... Pleased to meet you. So tall.

Wait, Mao.
Al- Although Oda looks like that, he is very smart!!
Oh I see. Is he better than me?!
What's with that fellow..?

Must I say? Be friends.
Saying about friends, shouldn't it be a girl?!
And that fellow is handsome.

Page 18
Eh? Handsome... I see.... I almost forgot.
Daiki, it seems that you really want some girl friends....
(Girl friends as in friends that are girls.)
I am so sorry that I do not have much friends.....
Why did you become like this!?
Mao!! I came her to play!!
Oh--- The rumoured brother of Hiro-san!!
Pleased too meet you! You can call me Chihiro!

Page 19
Daiki-san... You sure look like Hiro-san huh! But you seem so cold...!!
So close...
Ah! So you are that guy's brother!
You all know about my brother?
Yeap! I know that Mao lives with Hiro-san so rest assured!
It's because Chii is my close friend that's why I told her about it.
Oda accidentally knew him.

Don't say that!!
Mao, I am happy but this is also very embarrassing!!
Having Mao living with two guys makes me worried!

Should you be saying this in front of me?

Page 20
I see... Motomiya actually have situations like those in shoujo mangas....It just seems like the manga my sister draws.
Where should I vomit at? This fellow...
What "this fellow"?
It's because it's this fellow that's why I said this fellow!

Mao, can you bring me around the school?

Page 21
I wanna go too!
There's no need. On the first day, I just want to see the school from Mao's POV. Show me the next time. Good bye.
What do you mean from my POV?
It scared me. Being in the same class as Mao and Oda

Yeah. I was also shocked that he was that fellow's brother.
I am so envious. I wanna be in the same class as you guys.

Page 22
It will be good if all of us is in the same class during Year 3.
Yeah. But I wouldn't mind if Oda is in another class.
What? Why?
I am just joking.
I'm going back to my classroom.

Page 23
It's no good....
I still like you....
That's why I went back to class immediately....
I still wanna see you...

I will finish by tomorrow!!

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