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xinyi_shana_15 wrote in shoujo_manga_t
Hi everybody,

You may request mangas that you want me to translate. However, please provide the raws first and tell me what is the last official translated chapter. I may not translate all the manga that you request as I am handling this by myself (unless more join me) and I may not be interested in the manga. Secondly, as I said, I welcome more people to help and translate the manga. I am more than happy if there is someone to help clean the raws so you can view the translation and the pictures together. Send me a PM if you wanna join. Thanks! I will be translation Taiyou No Ie (chapter 24 onwards) as this is the manga that I have been reading the past days. It seems that the group translating is active again? Yeah!

Look forward! 

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Any manga or just shoujo?

Shoujo. But I may not be so active now as my exams are coming.

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