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xinyi_shana_15 wrote in shoujo_manga_t
Hi everybody,

You may request mangas that you want me to translate. However, please provide the raws first and tell me what is the last official translated chapter. I may not translate all the manga that you request as I am handling this by myself (unless more join me) and I may not be interested in the manga. Secondly, as I said, I welcome more people to help and translate the manga. I am more than happy if there is someone to help clean the raws so you can view the translation and the pictures together. Send me a PM if you wanna join. Thanks! I will be translation Taiyou No Ie (chapter 24 onwards) as this is the manga that I have been reading the past days. It seems that the group translating is active again? Yeah!

Look forward! 

Taiyou No Ie Chapter 24 Part 1
xinyi_shana_15 wrote in shoujo_manga_t


Chapter 24~~ Taadaa~~  {New Life}

Daiki Hiro Mao Others

Page 1
Daiki is back----
From two people living together, to three people living together.
Mao, Hiro and Daiki....
The brand-new story of the three starts------?!!

Page 2
?? Aren't you supposed to be back tommorow?

It's because I managed to catch the last train. I thought I have already told Hiro about it?

Page 3
Hiro? But he didn't said anything about this ust now.
Welcome back, Daiki.

I'm back.  (It seems that he whispered this.)

What? Are you saying something?

Nothing at all. Let's go back.

Page 4
Welcome home----

I'm back.
...... Back to the topic, the huge amount of sweets on the table!!

It's because Daiki is coming back. That's why I did it.
Are you a granny?! How am I going to eat finish the all of them!!
Good luck Daiki. Please help me finish my part too. (Because they are sweet.)
Oh, and I help to make some too, so please do not have any leftovers.

Isn't this seems more like torture?!

Page 5
Rest assured! Mao only help to pour out the flour.
Is that even considered helping?
Dai- Daiki. When are you going to school?
Haven't you heard?

Page 6
The following day? (I can't really make out what word is that.) I see. I am excited.
I have school tomorrow so I am going to sleep now.
Good night.

Good night.

Page 7
I seriously like Hiro so much...!!
I gotta call Chii and discuss with her....
No! It will be too embarrassing!!
Living in this house...

Page 8
I can't do that if I am living here. (Apparently, I think "that" means liking Hiro?)
Don't tell me that you came back just to say these? You...! (This is the flashback when Mao asked her father for permission for living alone.)
When should I go back, the next time...?

Page 9
What will he tell me the next time I see him?
Hiro is also doing his best. And that's why Daiki came back.
I also want to go back to that house.
(The house seems to be the father's house.)
And then, I will confess to Hiro again. But until then, I must control myself.

Yeah! Peeps, stay tuned. :D

Part 2
Part 3