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Taiyou No Ie Chapter 24 Part 3

Hiro Mao Daiki Oda Chii Sugimoto(Radical) Others Thoughts

Page 24
I'm so tired....
I didn't think that she would bring me everywhere ,including the toilets, with detailed explanations. She even said extremely redundant things.
And I actually let her continue with her rubbish.
(I'm so sorry I didn't translate a small conversation XD. It talks about toilet I think.)
Erm, where did you live before coming here, Nakumura-san?
Oh yes. There are girls in this school, that means I will be tired....
It's Kobe. (I googled. ^~<)
Kobe? It seems so terrible?!
What's so terrible?

Page 25
Are you and Motomiya friends?
We just know each other since childhood.
Wahh----- That's good.
Andd-- Do you know if Oda and her are dating?
Absolutely not.
That's great~~~~
What's this? It's so troublesome!
Are they going for blind dates?  

Daiki's so popular! But only for awhile!
You're annoying! Why should I be reply that whether Mao and Oda are dating?

Page 26
What? Don't tell me that you guys are really dating?
No, no way! I already rejected him!
I see... This is indeed the place for blind dates....
Are Mao and Daiki in school right now? Ouch-- My eyes hurt...   

Page 27
Are they progressing smoothly?
Nakamura-san, you seem to have a lot of troubles.
Oh. My little brother is going to a new school today.....
New school? Your little brother came back?
He did too much desserts to welcome him. That's why he brought it here.  (The pedo friend)
Ah, those dishes were Nakamura-san's?
Stop saying it, idiot.
You're exposed! ♥
Nakamura-san made those desserts....
I must eat it.....
If I do not eat finish it......

Page 28
It was... Very delicious....
Although I am very good at making dishes, I have never tried doing desserts.
I...I wish that you can teach me...

Ah! I want to go to! Nakamura's house! (Pedo...)
You can't!
I can't let any more people know about Mao....!

Where do you want to go this year for the comfort trip? I'm accepting suggestions! And, I am just asking only. (Boss)
Guam! Hawaii!   (Workers)
Hahaha. Overseas are not allowed.  (Boss)

Page 29
Where do you think we should go, Sugimoto?  (Boss)
Eh? Me...?
Something like London and Paris is not allowed though.  (Boss)
Sendai.... Sendai would be good...!!
.... Oh I see....  (Boss)
Guys, any objections?  (Boss)
No-pe. If this is what Sugimoto-san wants... (Workers)

Page 30
Sendai, huh....
Hina's there...
Maybe I should visit her if we're really going to Sendai...

I'm home.

Welcome home.  (Mao&Daiki)
Don't show us that kind of face. It's disgusting.
Disgusting!? Where!? Don't follow him, Mao!

Page 31
How's school? Was it fun?
Nothing. It was normal.
I see. Nevermind. It's expected.
Other than that, Chii, Oda and you are getting along well.
I still have some coordination.
That's good. I'm at ease.
You really like to worry about others huh.
Having Daiki here is great...
Mao and Daiki makes the air gentler.

Daiki's too tall. It's hard to see the board.
How about changing seats?

Page 32
But having this house shine is still the best.
So, Hina is the only one left huh.
Like this, we can start anew.

Why are you smiling to yourself over there? Disgusting.
.......It seems that your relationship is still good huh.

Page 33
Why did you come into my room, Mao?
I'm prepared to study with you.
That's an excuse right? Did something happen between you and Hiro? You should say it out.
No..Nothing happened!
If nothing happened your face wouldn't be like that.
It's too late to change to your normal face.

Page 34
It's really nothing.... But.... When I'm alone, I feel restless. But when it's Hiro and me, my love for Hiro goes crazy...
I see----
So- Sorry for saying this things to you, Daiki.
Okay. It's nothing. Say it now.

Page 35
To you?!
I'll just be hearing.
About me liking Hiro?!
It's better than you going crazy?
Although you are the little brother?!
Okay.... Although I say this...
I'm thinking......
It's not what I'm thinking!! Nevermind!!

I'm okay if you don't wanna say it.
Actually, I don't even want to hear it!!

Weird Daiki. Oh.

Page 36
Do you have someone you like as well?
There is.
Oh... OHHH!!
I won't tell you.
You won't tell anyone?
I won't.
I'm will not be rash. I'm gonna slowly capture her.

Page 37
Capture... It's as if it's a competition...
That's right. That's why you do not have to care about it.
I see---
In conclusion, to earse Mao's lust, we will be studying.
My part too.
Daiki too---.. It's not easy huh, Daiki...
Not easy.. Very.
....What's this? Totally can't understand it. Is this really for a Year 2 student?

Page 38
..... I can't believe it.... Can you not sleep here?
Of course I would be anxious. Idiot.

Part 1
Part 2

Yeah!! Chapter 24 ended. Looking for more helpers!! PM me thanks!
Look forward to Chapter 25.
It seems like I wanna Mao to split into three. One for Hiro, Daiki and Oda.  (////////)
I think I'm gonna lock this up after a week. So maybe on the 27 onwards it's only for the members who join the community. ^~<

Taiyou No Ie Chapter 24 Part 2

Hiro Mao Daiki Oda Chii Others Thoughts

Page 10
Although, you can say it's wilfulness or unforgivable, but parting with Hiro makes me lonely.
Mao went back to her house a while ago.
Although it's sudden that she wants to live by herself, at least she says that she wants to go back to her home.

Page 11
........... I see----
Although she wants to go back, it seems that it can only be done slowly.
Oh really?
But isn't it a good thing for Mao?
What? Wanting to go home? That girl.
Is it the reason why Mao is acting weird?

........ Erm----

Page 12
It was actually not the case.
Then is it because you did something towards Mao?
I didn't do anything.

What's with that attitude?! (Both Hiro and Daiki)

Page 13

You are so tall!

You only though of that?! My height didn't change overnight.
It's not bad having tall people like Daiki in our school.
Oh really.
You will be popular at the first part.
First part only?!

Page 14
It's because Daiki is unfriendly.
I don't want to be told that by Mao.
Oh? What's happening?
They are shining...! Is it because they're still young?! They look like high school sweethearts..!!

You look good in suits, huh.
I can only feel that you are mocking me!!

Page 15
Okay. Sit down--  (Teacher?)

Why is this happening--?!
Motomiya-san and Nakamura-san are friends right?
Please help him in the places that he does not know.

Page 16

I didn't think that you will be in the same class!!
Oda won't be able to escape! Even Chii is in danger!!

Why are you saying your thoughts out?
I requested to be in the same class.

Huh!! Why did you do that?!
Isn't is best in every aspect?
Oh, I see.
Motomiya, do you know this person?


Page 17
I am Oda. I am in the same class as Motomiya since Year 1. If you are not clear with anything, feel free to ask me.
..... Pleased to meet you. So tall.

Wait, Mao.
Al- Although Oda looks like that, he is very smart!!
Oh I see. Is he better than me?!
What's with that fellow..?

Must I say? Be friends.
Saying about friends, shouldn't it be a girl?!
And that fellow is handsome.

Page 18
Eh? Handsome... I see.... I almost forgot.
Daiki, it seems that you really want some girl friends....
(Girl friends as in friends that are girls.)
I am so sorry that I do not have much friends.....
Why did you become like this!?
Mao!! I came her to play!!
Oh--- The rumoured brother of Hiro-san!!
Pleased too meet you! You can call me Chihiro!

Page 19
Daiki-san... You sure look like Hiro-san huh! But you seem so cold...!!
So close...
Ah! So you are that guy's brother!
You all know about my brother?
Yeap! I know that Mao lives with Hiro-san so rest assured!
It's because Chii is my close friend that's why I told her about it.
Oda accidentally knew him.

Don't say that!!
Mao, I am happy but this is also very embarrassing!!
Having Mao living with two guys makes me worried!

Should you be saying this in front of me?

Page 20
I see... Motomiya actually have situations like those in shoujo mangas....It just seems like the manga my sister draws.
Where should I vomit at? This fellow...
What "this fellow"?
It's because it's this fellow that's why I said this fellow!

Mao, can you bring me around the school?

Page 21
I wanna go too!
There's no need. On the first day, I just want to see the school from Mao's POV. Show me the next time. Good bye.
What do you mean from my POV?
It scared me. Being in the same class as Mao and Oda

Yeah. I was also shocked that he was that fellow's brother.
I am so envious. I wanna be in the same class as you guys.

Page 22
It will be good if all of us is in the same class during Year 3.
Yeah. But I wouldn't mind if Oda is in another class.
What? Why?
I am just joking.
I'm going back to my classroom.

Page 23
It's no good....
I still like you....
That's why I went back to class immediately....
I still wanna see you...

I will finish by tomorrow!!

Part 1
Part 3

Taiyou No Ie Chapter 24 Part 1


Chapter 24~~ Taadaa~~  {New Life}

Daiki Hiro Mao Others

Page 1
Daiki is back----
From two people living together, to three people living together.
Mao, Hiro and Daiki....
The brand-new story of the three starts------?!!

Page 2
?? Aren't you supposed to be back tommorow?

It's because I managed to catch the last train. I thought I have already told Hiro about it?

Page 3
Hiro? But he didn't said anything about this ust now.
Welcome back, Daiki.

I'm back.  (It seems that he whispered this.)

What? Are you saying something?

Nothing at all. Let's go back.

Page 4
Welcome home----

I'm back.
...... Back to the topic, the huge amount of sweets on the table!!

It's because Daiki is coming back. That's why I did it.
Are you a granny?! How am I going to eat finish the all of them!!
Good luck Daiki. Please help me finish my part too. (Because they are sweet.)
Oh, and I help to make some too, so please do not have any leftovers.

Isn't this seems more like torture?!

Page 5
Rest assured! Mao only help to pour out the flour.
Is that even considered helping?
Dai- Daiki. When are you going to school?
Haven't you heard?

Page 6
The following day? (I can't really make out what word is that.) I see. I am excited.
I have school tomorrow so I am going to sleep now.
Good night.

Good night.

Page 7
I seriously like Hiro so much...!!
I gotta call Chii and discuss with her....
No! It will be too embarrassing!!
Living in this house...

Page 8
I can't do that if I am living here. (Apparently, I think "that" means liking Hiro?)
Don't tell me that you came back just to say these? You...! (This is the flashback when Mao asked her father for permission for living alone.)
When should I go back, the next time...?

Page 9
What will he tell me the next time I see him?
Hiro is also doing his best. And that's why Daiki came back.
I also want to go back to that house.
(The house seems to be the father's house.)
And then, I will confess to Hiro again. But until then, I must control myself.

Yeah! Peeps, stay tuned. :D

Part 2
Part 3

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Look forward!